Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bobby Henderson's Mag Aso Falls Flash Flood | Bohol Philippines

Have you heard of this particularly riveting account of the recent flash flood in Mag-Aso Falls in Bohol where it allegedly claimed two lives?

I stumbled upon a blog where the author, Bobby Henderson wrote about the Mag-Aso Falls flash flood. It struck a familiar chord in my innards precisely because we have experienced the same. Though not on the same location, or body of water. This is more of a wide spread calamity (if you've heard of Typhoon Milenyo - well, he's the star of the show).

I had a first hand harrowing experience with flash flood. Right in our very neighborhood. Where we could have drowned. Inside our very Fortress of Solitude.
So you see, I can give a rough estimate on how this freaky and scary event would have on humans. Wimps (like me) and mortals alike.

Thanks for the account, Bobby Henderson. And the pictures and video, too.

Hope something could be done here by the authorities (and the concerned public) to help stop this tragic event from happening and claiming innocent lives. Again.

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