Monday, November 9, 2009

How To Set Up Security Password for Edimax Router

Just an addendum to my previous post. My connection is PLDT My DSL, if you must know, but this will work even for non-PLDT MyDsl subscribers.

How To set up a Security Password to your Edimax Router

1. To configure your wireless security, pull up an Internet Explorer.

2. Type in (this is your Edimax router's GUI) in the address bar (this is where you type in a website address on your Internet Explorer).

Hit Enter.

3. A dialog box will appear prompting you for the User Name and Password. For User name, type in ‘admin’. For Password, type in‘1234'.

Click on the ‘OK’ button.

3. The router's GUI will pull up.

4. Click on General Set Up*. Then click on Wireless.

5. Then a page will open where you will given several choices (Basic Settings, Security Settings, MAC Address Filtering. .).

Click on the Security Settings radio button. Then click on Next.

On the next step, choose the following:

1. Encription: WPA - PSK or WPA Pre Shared Key

2. WPA Unicast Cipher Suite: Click on WPA (TKIP)

3. Pre-shared Key Format (This is how long your intended password should be) :

-Choose Passphrase - for 8 characters-long passwords
- Choose Hex - for passwords up to 64 characters long.

4. Pre-Shared Key: Enter your intended password

This is the password that you have set to wirelessly connect to the router.
You should now be able to connect to the Edimax router wirelessly.

*If you can't find General Set Up in your Edimax router's GUI version, just look for the Wireless menu, and it should also take you there.

Had a bit of a hard time configuring the router, so I thought I should spare you the sweat, tears and toil.

Now put down that hammer before you hurt somebody. :-)


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  4. Thanks for this post. It helped me blocked unauthorized and ungrateful neighbors from accessing my wireless internet connection.


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